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JLR Industries

Intelligent Data and Asset Management

"v2 "

Management systems designed to your work flows and processes

Data Insights

Historical and live data analysis relevant to your operation provides clear insights and performance forecasting.  Algorithms forecast your resource requirments

End To End Order Management

Complete end to end systems - no need to expensive and seperate planning or financial systems.

Bespoke Operational tools

TMS designed specifically for your operation, add and deduct features and functions to suite your needs. Resource, route, customer and rate management is simplified and comprehensive.

Data Insights

Data in the system is analysed either by library BI algorithms or via machine intelligence to provide unique business insights and CI advice specific to your operational requirements.

Customisable and Modular end to end systems

Choose how you want the system to work, what you want to achieve and what your customers see.  From order recipts through to planninng, execution and invoicing - all based on your own work flows.

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